About Claymore

Our Mission

Claymore Senior Center Inc. is dedicated to providing a wide range of programs to meet social, recreational, physical wellness and the educational needs of our members. We strive to maintain an environment that enhances quality of life, encourages personal development, and promotes mutual respect for all.


On August 16, 2024 we celebrated our th Anniversary 

On August 16th, 1978, St. Hedwig’s Senior Center was incorporated as a multipurpose, non-profit organization at 400 S. Harrison St., operating from the basement of St. Hedwig’s Church. The first members of the Board of Directors were: Hattie Burke, Jean Dabkowski, Rep. Casimir Jonkiert, Theresa Jonkierts, John Markowski, Helen Meadows, and John Slank. The Executive Director was Mary Matyniak.

As the center expanded its services to meet the growing demand, this facility became inadequate. On July 10, 1980, the Senior Center began utilizing the basement provided in St. Hedwig’s Convent at 1112 Elm St. For comfort and convenience, the basement was converted into 4 rooms with extensive renovations.

By 1984, it became apparent that a new site was needed, if services were to be maintained at the existing level. Negotiations began with the assistance of Rep. Jonkiert and the City of Wilmington for the property at 504 S. Clayton Street. The three-story building, constructed in the early 1800’s as a family’s mansion and later transformed into a home for unwed mothers, had been unoccupied for two years and was in a state of substantial disrepair. Extensive interior and exterior renovations were required before the center began operating in a few rooms of the Clayton Street facility on February 13, 1989.

Thanks to fund raising assistance of many dedicated seniors and other individuals, foundations, government agencies and businesses, the fully realized Center finally became a reality. The renovations resulted in a large dining room, an expanded industrial kitchen, a Fitness Center, and a dance studio room. The opening of these new sections was celebrated in 1993. The name, St. Hedwig Senior Center, was changed to Claymore Senior Center in 1994 at the request of Rev. Joseph Piekarski, pastor of St. Hedwig’s Church.

The patience, generosity, and hard work of all involved with the Center, too numerous to name, has a dramatic effect on the community it serves. Today, our center’s programs continue to grow and expand, offering updated Health & Wellness and Technology courses that target our members’ specific needs, as well as recreational events that always include our signature three course meals. Claymore is an Adult Recreational Center for the young at heart!


The Claymore Senior Center is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID: 51-0173569